- Tour of TRIUMF-

WTTC18 is organizing a tour of TRIUMF as part of the conference.

TRIUMF is home to the world’s largest cyclotron particle accelerator and a system of high-energy rare isotope beams that enable a diversity of efforts in nuclear and particle physics, accelerator science, life science research and more! Tour participants get first-hand experience with many of TRIUMF’s experiments and facilities as we follow the path of the proton from its origin bound in a hydrogen atom to its destination in targets and detectors.


The tour will last 60 minutes, with time for Q&A and photography throughout. The tour fee is $TBD CAD, and includes bus transportation between the Whistler and TRIUMF. Please select this option when you register for the conference online if you are planning to attend.


4004 Wesbrook Mall,
Vancouver, BC.



Situated on the South Campus of UBC, TRIUMF's nearly 13-acre site houses almost 600 scientists, engineers, and staff performing research. A hub for discovery and innovation, the laboratory attracts almost 900 national and international users every year and provides advanced research facilities and opportunities to 150 students and postdoctoral fellows. In addition to the onsite program, TRIUMF serves as a key broker for Canada in global research in particle, nuclear, and accelerator physics..