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Welcome to WTTC

Dear WTTC friends and colleagues,


We hope you are all doing well and are staying healthy!


We also hope you are keeping all of your exciting results you were able to accumulate over the past several years for the Workshop on Targetry and Target Chemistry meeting.


It is our pleasure to announce that after the WTTC organizing committee coordination meeting we decided to host the WTTC 18 meeting in 2022 in the same location (Whistler, BC)! The new dates for the meeting will be August 21-26, 2022 as an in-person event. Our team strongly agreed that we need to move forward with the WTTC meeting in the 2022 to keep this great tradition and communication channel open between members of the targetry, radiochemistry, and radiopharmaceutical communities. We strongly hope you will plan to attend the WTTC18, 2022 meeting and support our great community with your exciting research results and great ideas.


Sincerely yours,


WTTC chairs (Suzy Lapi, Tom Ruth) and LOC (Cornelia Hoehr & Valery Radchenko)